Video Service for Product Promotion


Services Include: 

We work closely with our customers to carefully script and storyboard our customer’s message then develop custom graphics and animations to deliver a high impact video that gets results

  • Custom 3D Animations
  • Voice Over
  • Scripting
  • Custom Images
  • High Resolution Productions

“Robert Rocha provides top notch medical educational video services. I have found his services to be prompt and professional and of the highest quality around. His videos have been indispensable for educating patients to help them to appreciate the true value of a service to accept care. ”

Sunny R. Kim, MD, FAAPMR Founder & President, Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine, PLC Non-surgical Spine & Orthopedics

“This tool makes my ROF’s come to life! I won’t do an ROF without it. The patient MUST have a mental picture of what I am teaching them and it has to happen quickly. My practice continues to grow and at the heart of it is Virtual Consultation.”

Dr. Dean Brown

“I had a patient last night that had 5 spinal surgies in the past 3 years. I went over his findings and used your program (flat screen hung directly to the right of my desk) and educated him on what his initial disc problem was. He asked me why his neurosurgeon never explained his condition like I did. The reality is you have created the best form of patient education on the market. The rest of my profession needs to know that..”

Dr. Jeffrey Roistacher

“While in practice, I used Virtual Consultation to aid my patient report of findings and found it so helpful I now recommend it to all our current clients and doctors looking to improve their patient educational experience. It’s extremely easy to use and nothing can compare to Virtual Consultation at any price point.”

Dr. Joe Ferrantelli

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