Virtual Decompression Mobile

Virtual Decompression Mobile:

Easily explain the benefits of spinal decompression therapy with our built-in “Introduction to Spinal Decompression Therapy” video, 3D animations of conditions with Whiteboarding. Then, market your decompression services through email and direct links to your Facebook and Twitter followers. There’s simply no better way to advance patients into care and shorten consultations while improving outcomes.


  • 5 1/2 Minute Introduction to Decompression Therapy Video
  • Dermatomes Chart
  • Peripheral Nervous System Chart
  • Decompression Procedure Animations
  • Conditions Animations
  • Whiteboarding
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter and Email

3D Nerve Chart

3D Nerve Chart:

Traditional nerve chart with functionality you would expect in more expensive desktop applications. Select a vertebral segment and see the corresponding organs.
Impulses fire at a faster rate to organs with good functioning nervous system. Impulses fire at slower rate to organs in which the nervous system is not functioning properly.


  • Interactive – Rotate 180 Degrees
  • 20 of the Most Common Organs
  • Innervations from C1 – Sacrum
  • Both Fast and Slow Impulses To/From Organs

3D Dermatomes

3D Dermatomes:

There’s nothing like this app on the market for viewing Dermatomes in 3D. Scrollable vertebral buttons include C2 through S2. Select any button to see corresponding dermatomal patterns in 3D detail. Utilizing a powerful 3D graphics engine this app supports multi-touch gestures to turn and rotate the model 360 degrees, pinch to zoom in and out.


  • Interactive – Rotate 360 Degrees
  • 26 Dermatomal Patterns
  • Innervations from C2 – S2

3D Trigger Points


Interactive 3D Trigger Points(TM) Version 1.1:

Interactive 3D Muscle Model enables users to quickly select a trigger points, see the pattern and learn the insertion, origin and action of each muscle. Adjust color from red to blue and increase color intensity.


  • Interactive – Rotate 360 Degrees, Pan, Pinch to Zoom
  • 360 Muscles
  • 158 Trigger Points
  • 100 Patterns of Pain
  • Insertion of Muscles
  • Origin of Muscles
  • Action of Muscles
  • Adjust Color Intensity
  • Both Red and Blue Pattern Selection